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Necessary Server Repair

repair-companyI’m actually finding that there a lot more companies that offer server repair than I thought. I know that typically you are going to repair many servers because they tend to be such low-cost items these days, but on the other hand, I think the most server repair come from a raid failure of some sort. This is what makes server repair not a very cheap job because of the fact that you are typically dealing with multiple hard drive failures. When you’re dealing with something like a multiple hard drive failure, you need to realize that the data recovery shop will have to rebuild all of the hard …

Hard Drive Clicking Means Death

clicking-raid-10I have to say that I have been pretty happy with my new Dell computer. I decided to go with Dell because I had been using Fujitsu computers for quite some time and it seems that the result I was getting from the machines was pretty poor. I think that almost every single time I had a Fujitsu computer for over year I automatically experienced some kind of raid hard drive clicking issue that ended up killing a lot of my data. I don’t really have a lot of money for professional data recovery, so obviously I had no choice but to scrap the hard drive and start again. This …

Panic and Hard Drive Clicking

I can certainly understand that the first thing that goes through pretty much everyone’s mind when it comes to a hard disk failure is panic. Most people actually don’t back up their hard drive, which although many tech experts recommended, just makes sense. People tend to be lazy in general, and it makes sense that they would not extend the extra effort to actually make their data safe. So obviously when they get something like a Hard Drive Problems sound coming from the hard disk, it can be a lot of trouble for them.

But, this is certainly not a situation that is unrecoverable from. You have to recognize the …

European Politics Of Yesterday

DENMARK, once a foot-dragger on moves to a more federal Europe, is now an enthusiast for everything except a common security policy. That would make it harder for Denmark’s Nordic neighbours, some of which are neutral, to join the EC. Denmark’s priority is more EC power over the environment and social issues. It wants a list of workers’ rights-including training, worker participation, and freedom of association-written into the treaty.

Denmark would also like tile EC treaty to embrace lots of fresh subjects, such as consumer protection, health and culture. It will argue that almost all decisions, excepting only those on foreign policy, should be taken by majority vote. Otherwise, the Danes reason, decision-making could seize up when new members join the club. Denmark would let the European Parliament propose laws and would cut the number of commissioners to one per country. Denmark is, alas, the only country to propose that meetings of the Council of Ministers should be open to the public.

“Things have changed a lot,” says Nils Christensen of IFJEurope. “The EC really made it necessary to get creative when it comes to national neighbours.”

FRANCE has a unique approach to political union, one that frightens federalists. It believes that as the Community takes on powers in new areas, national governments and parliaments should play a bigger role than they do in normal EC business. The European Council (as EC summits are known) would set policy guidelines and have its own secretariat. One country or person would hold the vice presidency of the European Council for much longer than the current six-month presidential stint. The commission would do no more than make suggestions on foreign policy and economic strategy; the European Parliament would be cut out of such matters altogether. A congress of Euro-MPs and national MPs would give opinions on foreign policy and economic and monetary union (EMU), among other things.


More Stuff From The Hard Drive Recovery Front

So this hard drive repair thing is on my mind again. I did get my laptop back and all of my data back to the quickly thanks to HDRG. I really don’t know very much about the industry in general, but I imagine that there are probably a lot of people who don’t know very much about it as well. The result has to be that companies who do data recovery probably charge quite a little bit of money to quite a lot of people.

I would bet that if you came to them and told them you know absolutely nothing about computers, it would be the equivalent of going …

Going Democratic Worked Longer Term, Suffered At The Beginning

Over the years American academics like Robert Dahl, Juan Linz, and Seymour Martin Lipset have clarified what it takes for countries to reach full democracy. Drawing on their work, the president of the National Endowment for Democracy, Carl Gershman, recently produced a list of eight phenomena that are associated with mature democratic polities. The eight are: regular, meaningful elections; stable and representative political parties; a vigorous free press and other vehicles of information exchange and debate; a vigorous civil society i.e., organization of public and private interest groups) that broadens participation beyond the political realm; a market economy tempered by trade unions and social welfare programs; an independent judiciary

Back On The Press

It has definitely been a long time since I decided to blog, and I’m glad to be back. I have to say that a lot of the platforms that are available nowadays are simply a lot better than they used to be. I mean, there used to be LiveJournal, of course, but at the same time I felt like a lot of the other blog platforms were pretty crappy. So I decided to do something about it that I believe is significant, at least to me.

So of course I decided to actually host my own blog for once which makes a lot more sense than having it on …

An Interesting Discovery about Network Television

If I had to pick one of the most amusing shows in the history of television when it comes to politics, I would of course have to talk about The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. There really is no comparative show, although if you talk about the Nightly Show, I guess you get close. My problem with the Nightly Show is that they tend to waste their sometimes high quality panel by producing crappy bits that even Jon Stewart would blush at!

I am not going to bring up the show today because of the fact that there have been any particular skits or interviews lately that have impressed …

Google Losing The Trust?

I will fully admit that I am one of those people who has loved Google from the very start. If you recall how things were on the web with search engine’s a mere 12 years ago, it was a lot of chaos. I remember those times quite a bit because I had just started to get onto the Internet and I was actually pretty happy with the number of search engine that were out there. When I was researching the links for this particular project I was actually shocked at some of these old search engine still exist: yes I’m talking about HotBot.com. Who the heck actually owns this …

My MacBook Has Killed Me

I am finally feeling like I can express myself after what has been a long and incredibly desperate slog. Yes, I am of course speaking of my computer problem that I had recently. The same one that I had to send in for Mac hard drive recovery to a local HD recovery company. I can say that the guys that were working on it were a lot faster than I thought they would be, but that doesn’t make up for the six days that I was without my MacBook.

I know that I shouldn’t be complaining about this stuff because there are people starving in Africa and of course …